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US leading Enterprise software firm go digital and carries out efficient Due-Diligence with MergerWare thus reducing due diligence time by 50%

The firm a serial acquirer and their deal purchase decisions are dependent on many factors depending on their acquisition strategy which varied deal to deal. The firm uses a pre-defined template in an XL sheet with complex formulae to help in their decision-making on prospective buy, integration and restructuring decisions. This process was very en-efficient and time-consuming and prone to human errors.MergerWare helped the client to automated the entire decision process within its platform framework and simplified their document management system that eased the life of customers and their sellers.

Few major benefits.

  • Before importing the playbook, the user was asked to provide information regarding tier, nature of Deal and Closing date of deal that helped them to automate most of the decisions through MergerWare and does not required other intervention at all.
  • M&A life cycle end -dates were calculated based on the formulae integrated within MergerWare which was one of critical decision points for the deal


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