The MergerWare Integration Playbook is a resource guide that will provide Integration Team Members with a framework and toolset to use for integration planning and execution activities.

The Playbook focuses on detailing the activities required to structure and launch integration planning, conduct integration planning, and execute integration plans.

The Playbook is designed for a group of primary users, including the Integration Management Office and members of the Integration Teams selected for each transaction. Because the application of the framework in the Playbook should be based upon a specific deal and its particular characteristics, the use of the Playbook needs to be put into the appropriate context ,roles and responsibilities, and process to follow for each activity. The Playbook also incorporates sample deliverables and templates for each activity.

Integration Playbook

The post-merger integration life cycle  of an M&A deal is crucial in the the whole M&A life cycle as this is stage where identification and capturing of synergies and ensuring a successful business outcome is key.

MergerWare M&A integration playbook is one of most extensive playbook with the objective to make sure:

  • Each integration Consists of predefined integration streams with groups of tasks defined for the whole integration life cycle starting from Day1,100 days,Year 1 and beyond.
  • MergerWare covers almost 18 transversal streams such as Finance, IT, HR, Legal, Tax etc and all business function streams to make sure integration teams are fully prepared for integration success.

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