The MergerWare Integration Playbook is a resource guide that will provide Integration Team Members with a framework and toolset to use for integration planning and execution activities.

Consolidation & Reporting 100 days playbook enables integration teams to do better planning and execution of financial reporting.

Successful integration of two previously separate Finance functions can hinge on the ability to effectively establish and meet a set of milestones. Organizations stand a better chance of meeting milestones if they make them achievable and spread them across different actions items.

MergerWare playbook for Consolidation has key activities details and how to manage overall execution with activities details.

Integration Playbook -Consolidation & Reporting -100 Days

For companies engaged in M&A, experienced finance executives understand the importance of developing a sound strategy for integrating the legacy firms’ Finance functions. Such a strategy is a foundation for enabling the combined enterprise to capture the benefits targeted by the deal.

During 100 days integration of Consolidation work stream it is key that :

  • Financial teams of the acquiree are trained on  reporting process
  • Implement a Purchase Price Allocation process (Intangible assets, Tangible assets, Contingent Liabilities…)
  • The M&A champion and the person in charge of the consolidation scope.

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