Post –Acquisitions Performance Reporting

Objective of Post-acquisitions Performance Reporting within MergerWare

  • To provide management with clear view on actual performance vs. business plan
  • To define one comparative set of post-acquisition performance indicators
  • To provide all the relevant stakeholders with a concise and comprehensive view
  • To avoid creation of multiple reports that helps improve efficiency.

Post-acquisition performance reporting consists of 3 steps

Step 1: M&A controller enters and freezes business plan figures

 Step 2: Quarterly: M&A controller and Integration manager enter actual financial figures with related comments

 Step 3: When needed: Relevant stakeholders and steering committee run and use summary report computing variances with the business plan and consolidating comments of the integration manager.

Post-Acquisition Monitoring Reporting rules

  • Integration Manager ensures timely post acquisition performance reporting
  • Business plan figures entered to MergerWare should be fully aligned with the figures validated by the Acquisition Committee prior to the deal validation
  • Business Plan currency should be used for the reporting (local currency in most cases)
  • All metrics should be computed consistently with the Business Plan computation
  • Business plan figures are not subject to alteration and should always be aligned with the business case
  • MergerWare permission sets allow you to control the access.

Our M&A representatives will help you to set this for your deal.

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