Track Deal Synergy through MergerWare

Synergy stages throughout the process

What is Synergy : 

Value created or released by the combination of two companies above and beyond what each company could reach on a standalone basis

Benefits descriptions

  • Track, follow up revenue & cost synergies and implementation costs by initiative – focus on EBIT
  • Schedule and track synergy milestones
  • Give visibility on the different synergy streams and to relevant owners
  • Identify and manage risks and roadblocks on a timely basis
  • Validate initiatives and figures against the P&L
  • Challenge and compare initiative – Actual versus Target
  • Consolidate (including exchange rate effect) all initiatives to a global overview – to enable reporting to forums such as the Corporate M&A and executive management team.

Track your Cost & Revenue Synergy

General rules for synergy quantification

  • Baseline preparation
  • Formula to calculate EBIT impact
  • cost of Implementation
  • Operational KPIs to track synergies

Key Points to remember :

  • Cost of implementation (or negative synergies)must be taken into consideration in the synergy reporting
  • Synergies targets must be set on a yearly basis and visible in the P&L of origin validated by CFO

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