Why Cultural Due Diligence is critical for Deal Success?

Why Cultural Due Diligence is critical for Deal Success?

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Date: 16 July, 2021

Time: 8am CDT | 6:30pm IST

Duration: 1 hour

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Many deals still fall short of meeting established success criteria, in spite of frequent acquirers improving how they go about M&A. Debate continues about the right things to measure, and over what time period, to determine whether or not a deal is successful. Putting these debates aside, the typical things that go wrong in unsuccessful deals can be traced back to culture. Unfortunately, in most cases “culture” is seen as no more than a fad or a trendy expression and remains underexamined.

Acquirers continue to underestimate the time, complexity, and cost of getting human beings aligned with the company’s strategy, and generally wait until it’s too late to address these issues effectively. Failure to effectively articulate and communicate deal rationale/strategy and what this means for the future, along with underinvestment in culture and change management, impact heavily on M&A execution.

What you will learn from the webinar:

  • What Cultural Due Diligence is and how it is relevant in today’s scenario for the organizations involved in an M&A process
  • The way deal strategies influence the degree of cultural diligence conducted on a target company 
  • How to create an action plan to mitigate the adverse impact that Culture mis-fitment may have in the future

Who should attend:

  • CXO, CHRO, HR Due Diligence leader
  • Corporate development teams, HR M&A team members
  • Post-Merger Integration teams
  • Change Management teams, Reward teams

Guest Speakers:

Klint C. Kendrick, Ph.D., SPHR is a sought-after expert with 15+ years of experience on issues of people, leadership, and culture in M&A. He has worked on dozens of public and private mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures and divestitures, making him a respected authority in the field. 

His presentations on the human side of M&A have been heard by HR and Corporate Development leaders at high-profile events sponsored by The Conference Board, Mercer, Willis Towers Watson, Thomson Reuters, Bloomberg BNA, and McKinsey.

Klint has recently published The HR Practitioner’s Guide to Mergers & Acquisitions Due Diligence, which provides an approach to identifying, assessing, and mitigating the most vexing issues that arise in M&A.

Dr. Kendrick chairs the HR M&A Roundtable, a peer-learning forum for HR professionals working on M&As. Learn more about the roundtable at www.MandARoundtable.com. 

Mark Walztoni, SPHR leads Crowe’s Human Capital Solutions practice. He helps early and middle-market acquirers and private equity firms identify and reduce talent, culture, and change risks during M&A transactions, turnarounds, and business transformations, in project leadership, interim resource, or advisory roles.

Mark has over 30+ years of industry and consulting experience with deep expertise in human resources strategy, organizational culture, leadership effectiveness, and change management. His career includes global human capital leadership roles with American Express, Ernst & Young LLP, IGATE Capital and Thomson Reuters. He has also served entrepreneurs and private equity firms and their portfolio companies as a human capital advisor and venture partner.

He is a certified executive coach and speaks to organizations about M&A human capital due diligence and integration, organizational change, and culture clash. His education includes an advanced degree in Organizational Psychology from Columbia University and multiple certifications in leadership assessment and development