100 Day Integration Plan

More than 70% of integrations fail to deliver the expected results mainly due to the absence of a clear post-merger planning.

The first 100 days of a merger have a disproportionately high impact on the overall success of an integration. The goal of the first 100 days is to ensure business continuity, confirm synergy targets and define the target operating model, while following a critical path to best mitigate integration risks. Thus, having a plan for the first 100 days is critical for a deal success.

100 Day Integration Plan

Major Key components of the first 100-Day Integration plan

The first 100 days plan consists of five core components, each entailing an analysis and implementation phase. The core components comprise consists across different Work streams like HR, finance, IT, Legal etc

MergerWare 100 Days playbook will include all key tasks across all work streams ,their details ,priority alignments, dependencies with other streams etc. Integration Playbook will also include the  100 Days integration playbook.

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