Our Mission

-To simplify and standardize the M&A process, enabling executives to elevate value creation at the core of the integration strategy while allowing them to focus on operational efficiency from day one.

-To revolutionize the M&A process, bringing together the artistry of seasoned dealmakers with the science of technological advancement.

-To preserve institutional knowledge and capitalize on lessons learned for future deals. 

Message from Our CEO

Successful deals are about capturing value and mitigating early risks. The M&A process is designed to serve these objectives. However, lack of process or too much focus on the process – checklists and piling paper documents can be detrimental to a successful outcome.

By employing a sophisticated M&A platform, where executives can automate and systematize their processes across the firm brings greater transparency and control. This lets the team focus on value drivers and thereby synergy creation.

Additionally, a tremendous amount of institutional knowledge goes away as people change jobs within the firm or leave. We wanted to provide a mechanism for all companies large and small to capitalize on lessons learnt across deals and deal teams by utilizing a standardized, purpose-built M&A platform that significantly improves operational efficiency.

MergerWare is the product of years of experience on countless deals, proudly offered to the M&A community. 

Our culture

Our company culture focusses on our 3 main pillars of success


We respect, support and invest in our employees and strive to create a working environment characterized by openness, respect, trust and fairness. We work together in an open, respectful and apolitical atmosphere to realize the company objectives. We not only respect cultural and regional differences but view such diversity as a key element for our long-term success.


Our attention is focused on our customers. We are close to our customers, we listen to them, cooperate with them and work together with them. This is the only way for us to understand their needs and develop products and innovations to meet and exceed their requirements.

Due Diligence


We strive towards operational excellence. We are open to change and strive towards continuous improvement and optimization in all our business divisions. We encourage our employees to assume responsibility and to make decisions on their own. We use the latest technologies to offer our customers and employees the best support possible.

The Team