MergerWare, invites leading M&A advisory and consulting firms to join forces to better serve the M&A community and enhance your success by offering your clients the best M&A deal management experience possible.


We offer a simple, no-fee collaboration with easy licensing and onboarding, quick implementation with existing systems and a team of experts dedicated to helping you succeed.

Partnering with MergerWare will enhance your competitive advantage and help you differentiate from the competition using our cutting-edge approach coupled with modern technology to drive successful M&A deals.

Are you ready to work with people who care about your business?

Write to us to learn more about MergerWare and our Partnership Program


deal flow

Technology Partner

 Priority features access
Customizable packages
Bulk licenses on upfront payment
security features

Channel Partner

Co-sponsoring in events 
Exclusive Partner Induction Program
Brand logo usage across channels.

Referrral Partner

Lead lock in Individual
as Partners Referral commission awarded.

University Partnership

Develop M&A contents
Co-Author Case Studies 
Student Exchange Program 
M&A Events

Current Partners

global PMI partners

Global PMI Partners (GPMIP) is a M&A integration consulting firm that helps mid-market companies around the world bring their operational, technical and cultural differences into alignment.

“There are many M&A software tools that we utilize on integration projects. MergerWare offers an end-to-end M&A platform with essential pre- and post-deal functionality. –Global PMI Partners”

A partnership with MergerWare helps you


Competitive finder’s fees for referring interested clients to MergerWare.

Increased revenue by enhancing the value of your existing services without sacrificing margins.


Provide an exceptional customer experience by integrating your clients.

Support efficient service delivery by making your firm’s proven model playbook available on MergerWare ready for use by your clients.

Improve Client Retention

Build a stronger, more loyal customer base.

Lower the threshold for re-engagement on new projects.


Cast a wider net through joint webinars, co-authored content and MergerWare Community audiences

Boost your firm’s visibility by gaining access to a wide community of senior M&A and corporate development executives across the globe.

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