Mergers and acquisitions are an important strategic tool for businesses to achieve their objectives.

An array of factors plays together to bring in success. The factors individually and collectively effect the outcome of the businesses. The blogs of MergerWare focus on the biggest paradox ‘the success paradox’ which explores why majority of mergers fail, yet companies continue to pursue this strategy at an ever-increasing rate.

The blog will explore outcomes and steps towards modern day strategies to ensure higher success rates and better ‘bang per buck’. Read further to understand the industry that is the lifeblood of businesses today.

The M&A industry is broadly spilt into 2 parts that map the human brain and cover all the variables that comprise the sector in detail.


‘PLANNING’ is the first step in the implementation of a M&A deal and ‘INTEGRATION’ the final. Between these two stages comes the entire lifecycle of M&A.

This section covers all aspects related to Planning, Implementation, Operations, Reporting, Simplification, Agile Integration


‘PEOPLE’ are the most important resource who get affected during a merger and ‘COLLABORATION’ is key to making the deal a success. These two aspects are the soul and motive of M&A.

This section covers all aspects related to People, Cultures, Collaboration, Communication