The MergerWare Podcasts series featuring stalwarts from the M&A arena encourages discourse on trending topics in the industry. The series is part of the larger thought-leadership initiative of MergerWare an End-to-End Deal Management Solution to educate the community.

Importance Of M&A Playbook

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In recent years platform companies have overtaken product companies in size, scale and value. Given that the platform companies work so differently, the art and science of creating value from M&A is very different and not well understood in the M&A community. In the podcast, Nitin Kumar will talk about the key differences between products and platforms and on delivering value from platform M&A.

In today's over capitalised and fast-paced business environment, buyers are anxious to quickly identify their best targets and put their capital to work in the most effective manner possible. When the stakes are high and the expectations to deliver higher, having a set process to implement deals not only makes the entire job let arduous and cumbersome but also result in successful outcomes.

In the podcast, Richard A Martin will talk about how having a pre-defined best practices playbook, will help you achieve more out your M&A deals.

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The educational podcast exploring the complex world of M&A with the top minds in the Corporate development executives across various industry  with several years of M&A deal executions experience. This podcast is sponsored by MergerWare  Corporation a world leading platform for complex M&A deal execution.

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