4 Ways to Accelerate your PMI Performance

Post-merger integration (PMI) is, perhaps, the most critical aspect of mergers. A successful outcome involves combining the original socio-technical systems ...
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The Importance of Post-Merger Integration: Achieving the End State

Every Deal is different, but you still need a plan In the current global environment, achieving the goals of a ...
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How to build an Agile and Highly Effective M&A transaction

Today, every company needs to be agile, run leaner and focus more than ever on driving effective M&A transactions as ...
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The Future of Buy-Side Due Diligence Software

The Buyer’s Solution to Better Transactions Successful mergers or acquisitions depend on achieving synergy. Acquisitive companies spend more time and ...
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Accelerating Returns: The Importance of Revenue Synergies as a Separate Stream

Creating greater value and synergies for companies and their customers is one of the main objectives of any merger & ...
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Adapting to a “New Normal”: How COVID-19 is changing M&A

During ordinary circumstances, mergers and acquisitions are undoubtedly one of the most complicated ventures an organization can undertake - there ...
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