The initial stages of a M&A transaction — identifying and managing prospect and conducting the initial analysis – create specific challenges for deal making professionals.

Complete Deal Management

Successful dealmakers need to continuously identify and qualify prospects and filter through detailed information before zeroing in on the deal.

At the same time, synergies and post-deal operational improvements must be identified, the benefits assessed and concrete plans formed to achieve them.

Finally, deal professionals need a reporting process designed to easily measure progress against their goals.

Control Multiple, Complex M&A Processes

Even a single deal requires sophisticated choreography between multiple parties, often within short time frames and under stressful conditions. 

Collecting, organizing and distributing sensitive information among multiple parties, early stage fact checking, and engaging external deal team members can quickly become overwhelming.

By securely loading and storing documents and analysis in one place, supported by strong collaboration tools, MergerWare helps you maintain complete control over all your information and who has access to it.

Maintain Momentum, Stay on Track

Set yourself up for success by assigning, tracking and managing pipeline tasks as well as accountable-party’s actions in one place, ensuring each prospect moves through your internal evaluation stages from prospect identification to due-diligence and negotiation to the signing and closing process.

Gain instant, real-time insights through MergerWare’s advanced analytics engine which utilizes powerful ‘Machine Learning’ and ‘Artificial Intelligence’ capabilities to generate automatic, real-time reports. Instantly view and export pipeline activity for board meetings to facilitate fast decision-making.

Maintain better visibility & control over all elements of your transaction

Maximize the Value
of your playbook

Access extensive templates for all phases of the M&A process, or create and upload custom playbooks and save them for future use, standardizing your M&A processes.

Due Diligence

Our powerful due diligence engine helps manage and share documents and integrates easily with existing Virtual Data Rooms (VDRs)

Communicate with
buyers and sellers

Stay on top of deal progress in real time and minimize the time it takes to prepare management reports.

Stay Informed

Easily share and engage for seamless collaboration. Our advanced in-platform communication system ensures you never miss messages, even when offline.

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