Stay in control and reduce your workload with MergerWare’s robust reverse Due-Diligence Engine (DDE)

MergerWare has revolutionized the due diligence  process by introducing a unique Multilevel due diligence engine that makes searching and the management of documents much easier than “traditional” VDR platforms.

Utilizing Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence capabilities, the integrated due-diligence tools can be used for both diligence & reverse diligence, empowering you regardless of what side of the deal you are on.

Revolutionary Due Diligence Engine

MergerWare’s due-diligence engine software is tightly integrated with role-based access control so you control who uploads, download or views documents.  It also provides advanced email-based notification/alerts that help you keep track on when a document is uploaded, downloaded or viewed.

Reduce potential legal exposure and costs while capitalizing on opportunities by providing potential buyers or sellers immediate, secure role-based access to essential data, anytime, anywhere in the world.

Load Data Once – Establish Control from The Outset

A unique challenge of the M&A process is that executives often share early stage information using off the shelf, unsecure tools such as email and or web-based storage platforms.

As the deal process advances, the lack of control over data can lead to challenges that may scupper otherwise good opportunities.

By utilizing your playbook and gathering data early in the process, deal teams ensure a seamless, organized process guaranteeing the right data is always only in the hands of the right people.

Reduce Time, Minimize Risk

MergerWare expedites the-due diligence services process by facilitating the sharing of critical documents while minimizing exposure to issues that could negatively impact or kill the deal.

Grant role-based access to unlimited users simultaneously, while keeping parties separated and anonymous. Track activity to gain insights to intentions, ensure proof of disclosure.  Advanced tools support interaction between buyers and sellers and help to ensure actions and dependencies are understood and completed.

Revolutionary integrated due diligence engine, facilitating an organized, seamless process from inception to integration

Access your deals, anywhere, anytime

Flexibility is our mantra- our cloud-based system improves your access while reducing costs.

Get the right information

Get the right information to the right people… at the right time.


With interactive dashboards and reports, keeping all information at your fingertips.


Reduce costs through an integrated engine that improve organization, search and sharing capabilities.

Simplified Document Management

Load documents once, share data securely, maintain control over all your information.

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