As a company You’ve decided to make an acquisition. You’ve done your groundwork and found the right target company with the right strategic fit. You’ve completed your deal sourcing and diligence reviews and examined all the pro and cons.  You’ve considered all of the likely market reactions. In short, you’re convinced this deal represents an excellent opportunity for growth.

But you also know it is not an easy deal decision, once deal done the real challenge is do manage your post-deal integration.

Over the past years MergerWare executives  have worked on  a wide variety of deals—including some of the most complex cross-border and industry-shaping mergers ever completed. This experience has taught us that to create value from M&A, companies must rigorously focus on the decisions and activities that underpin value creation and avoid being distracted by the nice-to-haves.

Our guiding principle is to help clients deliver value faster and with greater certainty. 

In short, you anticipate more than a few challenges during the all-important  integration of work-practices, decision making, human resources (HR) policies and processes, technology, operations and organisational reporting relationships. Indeed, the very strategic rationale for the deal  may be at risk if you cannot overcome these challenges.

How We Can Help

Together, we achieve extraordinary integration outcomes.