MergerWare M&A playbook is the industry leading playbook designed by its executives with their vast experience, by working across different comains and complex M&A deal integration. These M&A playbooks contain most critical M&A activities that are mandatory for any M&A deal. However, deal-specific items can be added to this to complete the entire playbook.

Integration Team Handover M&A Playbook

Integration Team Handover M&A Playbook

How it will help you :

Be prepared when you are in between signing and closing and be ready for Day 1. Handover between Due diligence and integration team is important exercise.

There is a big disconnect between team closing the transaction and post-deal integration teams due to the fact that Due diligence teams closes the deal and hunt for another deal leaving the big gap of handover between these two teams.

This playbook will help you avoid confusion on Day 1 with clear objectives and plans that are defined, communicated, and understood across the integration teams as early as possible. Deploy our integration Day One playbook to prioritize critical success factors and ensure that teams are ready for success from Day One.

The Day 1 Integration Playbook will give you :

  • Key areas include: Integration Strategy, Prioritization of Activities, Day One Governance, Handover Plans, Communication, Workstream Charter, Management Guidelines and Operational Considerations;
  • Example sub-categories to consider in each business area;
  • A comprehensive range of tasks for each business area sub-category & clear guidance steps.

* Note: Playbooks are available to all M&A corporate development and integration teams for purchase it and use for a quick start your integration planning across streams.However these are not complete list.If you need to have MergerWare exhaustive playbook then you need to buy licenses. Please contact sales at for more details and our executives will be happy to assist you.