A global energy leader used MergerWare’s M&A platform for their $1.25 Billion Acquisition of Power firm in US

The Challenge

A fortune 500 entity and a global energy leader needed to quickly integrate 2000 employees and 7 manufacturing units of the buyer firm in North America. The client’s company business plan intended to complete the integration within a specific time frame. The client was seeking a solution to the daunting tasks of M&A playbook deployment and M&A deal integration, in order to achieve their management objectives and increase profitability within the next two quarters.

Typically, this process is cumbersome and time consuming with traditional legacy M&A systems using excel, power-point or other project management tools. The solutions not being connected creates organisational issues owing to the vast amount of data that needs to tracked and monitored across global integration teams in an efficient and secure manner.

MergerWare Solution

The existing M&A system within the client’s company was plagued with delays, loss of information, lack of visibility and inefficiencies. The client needed a solution that could pin together the entire process and improve outcomes by being cost efficient. MergerWare came out as the best solution to help them solve every lacuna in their current process. The demo of the MergerWare M&A solution convinced the client that the solution proposed would simplify the entire process as it had a quickly configurable dashboard and playbook. This helped the client get onboard and be up and running immediately. The customization feature and simplicity of the platform helped them get on with their business goals and achieve their business outcomes.

Business Benefits

  • The deployment process was efficient as the key feature of playbook import and customization saved the client value time and work across their 15 different corporate streams and helped them work in a structured and methodical manner.
  • MergerWare’s streamlined M&A process and ease of use which allows team members to share information rapidly and complete deal processes in a more time-efficient manner has accelerated positive business outcomes for the client.
  • The entire M&A team including the deployment leaders, integration team members and the integration management office (IMO) key members were given training and support to help them adapt immediately with the tool.
  • The client stated that the platform is very easy to use and deploy across geographies. The collaborative nature of the tool has simplified and accelerated the M&A process and helped achieve the time targets. Needless to say, the benefits of MergerWare’s M&A solution triggered value and cost savings with the question of risk eliminated. Streamlining the entire process resulted in significant cost savings, improved management decision making, scalability and the achieving better outcomes from their deals.