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WEBINAR: Are Your HR Practices M&A Ready?

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HR plays a very integral role in the success of Mergers and Acquisitions

With global deal volumes reaching a record high of $1.2 trillion in the first quarter of 2018, it has been proved that involving HR earlier and heavily in all phases of the M&A transaction has helped them succeed. We also see deals increasingly fail due to people related issues which have not been dealt with i.e management couldn’t agree on the future direction, key employees of customers leave, cultures clashed or uncertainty paralyzed the organisation. M&A has not completely warmed up to the importance of HR in ensuring success.

In the Webinar, Philippe Bouchet, CEO of VISIOM spoke about how critical the role of HR is in M&A, and how dealing with it effectively can help organisations transition smoothly.

The key learning objectives:
1. Deal with power struggles at all levels during an M&A
2. Ensure that the employee attrition and morale is on check
3. How company values can save the day during a difficult transition
4. Planning the HR transition in advance to ensure smooth integration