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WEBINAR: Marketing for Post-Merger Integration

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 Marketing a M&A right is crucial to ensure that the customer, employees and general public are not mis-informed

There is considerable evidence that many M&As fail. Estimated failure rate goes usually from 60 to 80 per cent. Despite the increased attention on post-merger integration (PMI), dynamics of how marketing strategies of the two firms are integrated have been largely neglected. Considering that M&A activity is predicted to increase, marketing for post-acquisitions is expected to gain proper focus and attention. In the upcoming Webinar Giuseppe Caltabiano will address the M&A marketing challenges and best practices of marketing in post-merger integrations.

During this webinar you will learn:

 7 marketing best practices in PMI
 How to design day-1 and day-100 integration marketing plans
 How to create content for each customer type
 How to take advantage of employee advocacy in post-merger integrations
 How to implement a cross-cultural marketing strategy