MergerWare is Proud Sponsors of The AWA Packaging Mergers & Acquisitions Executive Forum 2019, 9 th September 2019

REGISTER NOW The AWA Mergers & Acquisition Executive Forum, taking place on September 9 2019 in Chicago, is an annual event that brings together senior ...
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Internal communication

M&A Integration Internal Communication – Best Practices

Why it is so important: Ensure employees of acquired company are welcomed, engaged and updated on the integration strategy and planning. Give visibility within the ...
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April ends, May flowers and M&A is constant.

You may wonder “Does this concern me?” Even if you aren’t in the M&A space according to you, but by the virtue of being in ...
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MergerWare M&A Bulletin – 30th, April 2019

Top 5 M&A destinations – 1st Quarter 2019 The top M&A destinations of choice are countries embroiled in trade uncertainties, suggesting that companies planning deals ...
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