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4 Ways to Accelerate your PMI Performance

Post-merger integration (PMI) is, perhaps, the most critical aspect of mergers.  A successful outcome involves combining the original socio-technical systems of the merging organizations into one new combined system. 

Integration requires a daunting degree of effort and coordination.  To get it right means incorporating several organizational systems, such as assets, people, resources, tasks, and supporting information technology.

MergerWare brings the best in class platform that empowers the teams to efficiently and successfully manage this phase of M&A:

  • Align goals at all levels by efficiently using your resources and defining responsibilities to individual team members and leaders
  • Clearly define deal plans using either inbuilt playbooks or custom playbook
  • Track progress from task-level till deal level in real-time
  • Track contracts and TSA’s easily
  • Integration can be planned at the IMO / function/workstream level/task level

Identify and track deal synergy and financial synergy within the platform Execution of integration plan, identification of risk and issues and collaboration of all stakeholder in a secure workspace


The MergerWare deal dashboard is your one-stop-shop for all information about your deal.

The Dashboard is fully customizable and provides information on deal status, how far ahead or behind you are running, and all the risks or issues and key tasks.  Additionally, our dashboard provides the ability to communicate and send announcements to all or select members of the team.

Security and control are paramount and what you see on the dashboard is based on your role and users will only have access to the appropriate information and status updates they are allowed to see.  

For example, the deal owner or integration manager will be able to see all elements of the deal, including all streams and tasks, while stream owners will only be able those tasks they own and are responsible for.

Deal Management

MergerWare offers a consistent view across all roles, simplifying the deal management process.  A single view provides access to all the relevant details related to the project while making it very simple to view and update activities including the required documents.  

MergerWare’s Risk and Issue tracker is a powerful way to document issues, develop mitigation plans assign ownership and track resolution so that addressable concerns do not become show-stopping complications.

MergerWare’s virtual data room allows users to upload and or access relevant data, combining both the assignments and the documents needed to complete them in one place. This powerful tool goes beyond mere secure document storage; it enables teams to get the work done faster and with greater transparency.


MergerWare makes it easy to import your own playbook, using your own company’s terms and nomenclature.  

Once loaded, updating, and customizing your playbook template is easy – making it possible to create multiple playbooks for any type of deal, reducing your kick-off time and maintaining a ready state for future opportunities.

MergerWare’s solution allows you to learn from your past successes and incorporate those learnings into your next deal, constantly improving your process and ensuring your best techniques are captured and codified.


MergerWare provides a sophisticated and powerful reporting tool.

  • Reports are on-demand and in real-time and can be produced in both a data and graph view.
  • Reports are fully customizable and can be further modified by re-ordering columns and applying filters.
  • MergerWare offers a wide array of report types such as risk and issues, stream, and deal phase reports.  
  • MergerWare can produce any report so long as the data is in the system.  Users can create many reports types within the solution or can work with our team to create custom outputs.

Of course, all reports are downloadable in multiple formats and we can integrate a variety of data sources for a combined view if required.

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In addition to the specific elements of the deal, MergerWare also offers the ability to product detailed post-acquisition performance reports.

MergerWare allows you to determine the KPIs you want to track and provides a simple interface to enter baseline and actual data.  Data can be entered manually, uploaded, or updated via the link to system.

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Post-acquisition performance charts can be customized for a specific period and the tool can produce reports on both financial and synergy performance.