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How to build an Agile and Highly Effective M&A transaction

Today, every company needs to be agile, run leaner and focus more than ever on driving effective M&A transactions as a critical means to improve performance, create new markets or quickly acquire skills and technologies to develop and grow their businesses.

That’s exactly why every company needs to put considerable thought into the details of how they manage their M&A deal flow – the more active and sophisticated your team, the more difficult it is to maintain oversight and control over every element of the transaction.

Successful deals are about capturing value

Successful deals are about capturing value and mitigating early risks…careful planning and tracking and the ability to focus on the goals, not just the process.

MergerWare is a SaaS-based, secure enterprise digital platform dedicated to creating the most efficient M&A deal management and execution process from discovery to due diligence to post-merger integration activities.

The only solution built specifically for M&A transactions

The most sophisticated M&A platform allows executives to automate and systematize their process across the firm, increasing transparency, allowing teams to focus on value creation. 

While the M&A process is designed to serve these objectives, a lack of process or even too much focus on the process, chasing checklists and task statuses and the tons of documents required to make it all happen can be detrimental to achieving the deal’s goals. 

The Most Efficient Process

MergerWare helps companies establish automated, repeatable, predictable high-quality M&A processes that deliver faster results, reduce costs, and mitigate many of the risks inherent to “traditional” deal management.

Smooth Integrations, Successful Outcomes

Success integration requires a daunting degree of effort and coordination.  To get it right means incorporating several organizational systems: assets, people, resources, tasks, and supporting information technology.

How US leading software firm go digital and carries out efficient Due-Diligence with MergerWare

The firm is serial acquirer and their deal purchase decisions are dependent on many factors depending on their acquisition strategy which varied deal to deal. The firm uses a pre-defined template in an XL sheet with complex formulae to help in their decision-making on prospective buy, integration and restructuring decisions.

For the due diligence process there was a need to get information on all documents submitted by the seller and getting a notification to the buyer through automated mail.

MergerWare proposed a quick solution and an additional feature to accommodate the complex need of customers. MergerWare customized a new feature provision that helped that any deal can be initiated in the gates of either Buy, Integrate, and Restructure.

Key Benefits of the MergerWare platform

  • Complete Command & Control Over Your Deals. 
  1. A single secure SaaS platform that replaces multiple, disparate tools like online documents storage, email, spreadsheets, external data rooms, and communication tools
  • Maintain 100% Oversight and Supervise Your Team & Track Performance.  
  1. Track team activities, manage workloads and monitor the deal’s performance in real-time with interactive dashboards and real-time reports.
  2. Risks and issues can be identified at the deal, stream and task level, enabling effective mitigation
  • Work the Way You Want. 
  1. A highly configurable platform that can be easily tailored to your specific requirements 
  2. Ability to save your set of tasks as a template that can be easily imported into your next deal 
  • Controlled Access Through Role-Based User Management
  1. The role is permissioned at all levels of the deal giving users access to only those functions/tasks/streams they are authorized to see
  2. Roles and permissions can be defined at a very granular level, empowering the Admin with enormous flexibility and control
  • The Most Comprehensive M&A Playbooks
  1. MergerWare offers the industry’s most comprehensive playbooks across all stages of the M&A lifecycle, developed from practical, real-world experience. 
  2. Our extensive set of best practice, industry-standard streams and tasks helps teams quickly ramp up and plan the necessary steps and activities from initial deal strategy to post-integration planning to long-term value capture
  • Manage Your Documents More Effectively. 
  1. Role-based access to secure our virtual data room (VDR) enables teams and users to store and access documents securely at the deal, stream and/or task levels
  2. Load documents once, share them securely with the right team members and maintain constant control over all your information
  • Effectively Share information and Collaborate Remotely
  1. Native chat application enables faster communication and helps teams to quickly collaborate
  • Peace of Mind.  
  1. MergerWare adheres to the most stringent security and data protection standards requirements so you never need to worry about who has access to your data.

Build your highly focused and Agile Approach To M&A Deal Execution

MergerWare enables organizations to elevate value creation to the core of the integration strategy, while facilitating a strong focus on operational efficiency, helping avoid the pitfalls that lead to unsuccessful outcomes.


Anukriti Srivastava