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Digitalize M&A Deal Management

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While mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are complex and time-consuming endeavours, advancing tech evolutions are aiding deal teams to think beyond traditional closing models. However, we continue to observe several companies applying the traditional M&A approach to deals leading to lesser gains.

In our previous blog “Digitalization – The future of M&A” we covered the reasons leading to M&A failures and highlighted some of the key problems with deal implementation.

Below outlined are a few compelling reasons to digitalise your deal management process:

The lengthy Transitional Service Agreements (TSAs)

A TSA enables a buyer to put in order infrastructure support, such as IT, accounting and HR after the transaction is completed for a specific timeframe for the seller. While traditionally this was the mode of operation however a TSA can delay operations and lead to higher operational costs and create constraints and dependencies for the buyer.

Cybersecurity Considerations

Cybersecurity is often overlooked in a traditional merger & acquisition. A poor cybersecurity framework can greatly weaken the company’s acquisition process more so in the case of small and medium-sized organisations. Even integration becomes challenging for new disruptive technologies with legacy systems.

Constant Access to Data

Data is key and more so in the case of mergers & acquisitions. Physically collating and storing data reduces the ease of access. Data digitalised in a safe environment can be accessed 24/7.

Accelerate & reduce costs

Manually processing a deal from deal identification to post-merger integration takes considerable time and resources. However, digitalising the deal management process enables teams to work globally across different time zones significantly reducing costs and speeding up turnaround times.

Application of a Digital M&A Deal Management process is a game-changer in the otherwise traditional M&A approach. A Digital M&A Deal Management process is a strategy that can be rightly used by companies to achieve the desired deal outcome.

We at MergerWare believe that Capturing value and minimising early risks are the keys to a successful deal management strategy. We use a comprehensive M&A platform to maintain system transparency and control, allowing executives to automate, organise and digitalize their operations across the firm.

MergerWare is a secure SaaS-based corporate digital platform committed to making the M&A transaction management and execution process as effective as possible, from discovery through due diligence to post-merger integration activities.

Get the real meat out of your deals by moving to the platform catering to Digitalization – The future of M&A.