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Date: 25 August 2021

Time: 12 pm UTC | 5:30 pm IST

Duration: 1 hour 

Q&A Session: Yes

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Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) are fast-paced and time-intensive events. Integrations can often be complicated due to the level of interdependencies throughout the entire organization, and successful ones require a unique set of resources and skills that may not be built into the core operating model of an organization. 

A diligent M&A integration process can increase the speed and realization of deal success. Some of the key questions that drive successful integrations are:

Have we clearly articulated the vision and strategy?

Are the deal value drivers adequately quantified to drive them post-close?

Do we have governance, methodology, and skills to deliver on this integration?

Do we have a plan for change management across all stakeholders?

You need answers and we’ve got them. Learn more on the key steps for a successful M&A integration through our webinar.

What you will learn from the webinar:

  • Key principles for a successful integration. Why some principles are more important than others in a post pandemic world?
  • How to drive successful integration including a change in approach to address a different way of post pandemic work culture.
  • How do proven successful PMIs which use well established technologies, change in the post COVID world in terms of:
    • Vision & strategy
    • Operating model & organisation design
    • Change management & communications
    • IMO & governance
    • Day 1 readiness
    • Value creation & synergies
    • Business and functional integration
  • How is ESG becoming increasingly important in M&A?
  • How do you modify your approach in a post COVID environment? 

Who should attend:

  • CXO, Head – Mergers & Acquisitions, Head of Corporate Dvelopment
  • Corporate development teams, M&A team members
  • Post-Merger Integration teams
  • Change Management teams, Reward teams

Guest Speaker:

Nimit Mehta EY – Parthenon Director, is a Senior global business leader with a proven track record in operations improvement and P&L optimization for high growth and established companies. He is a core member of EY’s UK&I Aerospace & Defense sector. He has helped companies navigate complex operational challenges in the past 18-plus years of his experience. His knowledge is in the supply chain, back-office optimization, and organization design. However, he is known to be a generalist adopting to any need a client might have, equally skilled at addressing revenue and cost challenges. Having been part of several M&A transactions and post-merger integrations in his past life, he is particularly passionate about post-merger integration/value creation opportunities that partnerships/JVs/mergers present. When he is not tackling business challenges in the sector, he often volunteers to promote sector knowledge at shows, webinars, and other events.