deal outcomes

Essentials for M&A Success – The Impact of Leadership Effectiveness on Deal Outcomes [Webinar]

Thinking of your impact on Leadership Effectiveness to close out on the quarter strong? Given the new WFH climate/protocol corporate ...
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Platform MA: The Integration Frontier

Accelerate your deals and improve your win rates with 'Platform M&A' The frontier overlooks a dilemma where one side is ...
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How to ensure company growth by M&A

M&A as a catalyst to build a faster-growing organization Growth is a key driver of shareholder value. A study of ...
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Tips to Succeed in M&A Integration

M&A albeit a risky strategy has the potential for immense value creation for any organisation with the right plan and ...
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Internal communication

M&A Integration Internal Communication – Best Practices

Why it is so important: Ensure employees of acquired company are welcomed, engaged and updated on the integration strategy and ...
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M&A Management Practices

Pitfalls in the Current M&A Management Practices and Steps to Overcome It

M&A as a tool for growth if conceived & executed properly can deliver far greater value than projected. Companies pursue ...
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