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Lessons in M&A: How HR Solves M&A’s Most Critical Challenges

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Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) has become extremely competitive globally M&A is an increasingly common occurrence for businesses both large and small – offering the promise of achieving significant growth and competitive advantage in a market.

Yet the goals of most mergers are not achieved – with the understandable focus on the financial potential of an M&A deal, “people issues” are often not addressed, unseen and, at times, under-appreciated.

The Human Resource (HR) department plays a pivotal role throughout the M&A process as mistakes regarding HR issues can often result in a failed merger. The HR team plays a key role in not only managing crises as well as disputes but preventing them in the first place through an understanding of the people and cultures that impact the deal.

This webinar addresses many of the key challenges and highlights different approaches to handle them and we are very fortunate to have with us, ZOE Bogan – a highly experienced and knowledgeable M&A integration professional with expertise in project management, integration planning, issue resolution, cultural assessment, finance & budgeting, stakeholder management and relationship building. As you will soon see, Zoe has a great deal to share.