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How to make Revenue Synergies possible?

Golden Rules for a Successful Post-Merger Revenue Synergies deployment!

Creating greater value for companies and their customers is one of the main objectives of any merger & acquisition projects. This can come from increasing the top-line revenue, entering a new market / gaining new market share, reaching the critical size, leveraging technologies, etc.

Post-Merger Revenue Synergies is one of the most powerful growth tools corporates can use to create value in an integration process. Nevertheless, despite their potential, no more than 20% of revenue synergy centric acquisitions succeed. There are several factors responsible for this limited success but undoubtedly, the increased uncertainty of corporates to tackle revenue synergies in the first place together with the lack of a disciplined approach towards their realization are collectively self-reinforcing their limited success. How can this be reversed?

Pooneh Pirasteh, International Project & Synergy Deployment Leader, will share her key learnings based on a successful Post-Merger Revenue Synergies experience and the way they could achieve the 3-years acquisition business plan target.

Webinar Objectives:

1. Why Revenue synergies are essentials in an acquisition success?

2. Main roadblocks preventing revenue synergies to happen

3. Key success factors for delivering Business Plan’s target in revenue synergies

Who should attend:

 Corporate Development Teams

 HR Teams involved in M&A

 Integration Managers

 M&A Work Stream Leaders