How to make Revenue Synergies possible?
Essentials for M&A Success – The Impact of Leadership Effectiveness on Deal Outcomes
Lessons in M&A: How HR Solves M&A’s Most Critical Challenges
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Past Webinars

WEBINAR: Deliver Employee and Leadership Integration during Post-Merger Integration (PMI)

The importance of employee and leadership integration during an M&A has never been more important than today! The webinar provided ...

WEBINAR: Marketing for Post-Merger Integration

Marketing a M&A right is crucial to ensure that the customer, employees and general public are not mis-informed There is ...

WEBINAR: Post-Merger Integration: Key Points to a Successful Acquisition

MergerWare and The M&A Advisor recently came together to conduct an important webinar featuring Cedric Collange, Head of M&A, KNDS, ...

WEBINAR: Are Your HR Practices M&A Ready?

HR plays a very integral role in the success of Mergers and Acquisitions With global deal volumes reaching a record ...

WEBINAR: Strategise value creation through IT Due-Diligence & Integration

IT can be a leading vehicle for growth and value creation if leveraged effectively in transactions IT Due-Diligence and Integration ...

WEBINAR: The Recipe for M&A Success: Post Merger Integration

WINNING ACQUIRERS PUT THE RIGHT M&A STRATEGY Majority of M&A's fail, yet companies still pursue mergers which is often defined ...
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